Stress Relief – Confronting Your Hidden Motives and Developing Personal Transparency

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Stress has created within us layers of excuses and so called justifications that attempt to remove us from the real reasons we act and feel the way we do.

Instead of being transparent and open, we hide within these excuses until we hardly know our real selves.

Here are a few questions to bring home my point:

What is the real reason you are angry with your loved one?
Why do you resent or feel uncomfortable around your neighbor or co-worker?
Why do you over-schedule your self?
Why do you feel you need to keep buying or having things?

Personal transparency may sound down right frightening at first, but believe me the stress relief is worth it. Besides, it is you who you are being honest with here and you are worth the effort.

Yes, be honest and look beneath your excuses and apparent controlling motives and dig to the truth.
You will be very surprised what you will find.

Personal transparency will allow you to see the pride, envy, insecurity, and guilt buried beneath the excuses.

The benefit for taking this leap of faith is once you acknowledge your negative unflattering features you can start to address the stressful feelings and drives. You can also extinguish the hurtful flair ups that harm relationships. Become more transparent and clear with your motives.

Next time you feel angry with your loved one, take a step back and think that there may be a chance that you may have added to the angry feelings or how you could decrease the negativity. A little empathy never hurts and opens you to a new way of seeing others points of view.

When you finally notice you are doing too much and feel overwhelmed because of over-scheduling, you must understand that it is all right to say no to requests for your time. Also, understand that you are allowed to delegate duties to others. You do not have to be a perfect person or be everything to everybody to be liked or to feel accomplished. Your in box will be there tomorrow. The tasks and responsibilities you give to others help them learn and become better people. Yes, you are doing them a favor.

Having things and the need to keep buying things is an influence of our marketing and advertizing society. We are told that if we have things we are well loved and have influence and perhaps we are even sexy. The fact is that all this stuff creates stress and is very high maintenance. You have to pay for the stuff, repair the stuff and store the stuff. Realize that you are a good person just the way you are, with less stuff to get in your way.

Remove the excuses and the false reasons for your motives and you will become a more personally transparent and clearly likeable and stress reduced person.

With so many people, giving you false messages and excuses, you naturally need the self-confidence being honest with your self brings. You can make important decisions that truly affect your life and future.

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