Feel Fear, Surrender, And Win

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Fear is triggered by what is perceived as a threat, real or imagined. The chemical that fuels the fear is called adrenalin, secreted by the adrenal gland. This chemical is responsible for that feeling of “impending doom”, that dreaded, sickening feeling that registers in the midsection or in “the pit of the stomach”; a terrible feeling, which in its self is frightening. This feeling is so uncomfortable, that the first natural impulse is to become tense and prepare for fight or flight; to run, to withdraw, and to terminate this feeling due to the fear of what might grow into a spasm of utter panic. The good news is that panic cannot, and will not, occur if you REFUSE to withdraw and resist. Resisting and adopting an attitude of tight-lipped, clenched fist, tense determination to fight and hold on WILL NOT work. It simply fuels the fear with more adrenalin and keeps it alive.

By contrast, when you muster the COURAGE to refuse to fight, and with an attitude of quiet resignation, and you allow all the feelings of fear to come, you once again expose and recognize their limitation. This knowledge becomes a profound discovery and provides a “rod and staff “for disarming the feeling of fear. You are no longer afraid to be afraid. Fear becomes a FRIEND, an ally. You don’t fight and win. The paradox is that you SURRENDER and win. Surrender to the feeling; let it come. FEEL FEAR, SURRENDER AND WIN.

The human body is a magnificent mechanism. The capability of the human mind is endless. One must try to understand that our emotions and feelings are our friends and not a foe. Emotions exist for a reason. They are our protector that helps us to deal with a threat to our well-being. There are REAL threats and IMAGINED threats. It is important to understand the difference. Imagined threats can be frightening and uncomfortable, but are harmless. These kinds of feelings are a bluff. The way to dispel this kind of fear is to practice letting go, relax, float, and allow the feeling to come with an attitude of acceptance. Do not withdraw from the feeling, and do not add the SECOND fear of “what if.” When you learn how to do this, you disarm the fear and its intensity and realize its limitation. Fact: the amount of adrenalin contained in the adrenal gland is LIMITED!!!! The sufferer has already experienced the worst but does not know it. There is no tsunami lurking in the wings waiting to sweep you away.

There is scientific validation for what has been stated regarding the pattern of fear. When a person is experiencing the feeling of fear and panic, they falsely believe that the intensity of the feeling will grow to such a force that they will be overwhelmed, inundated, i.e.: faint, lose control, exhibit some weird behavior and embarrass themselves. This does not happen. This is a milestone, an important revelation because you also become convinced that there is nothing threatening you. There is nothing waiting to overwhelm you. You learn through experience that the power of this feeling is LIMITED. You begin to KNOW that this kind of IMAGINED fear is harmless. Uncomfortable, yes. But harmless. You can engrave this information in stone. It is reliable. FEEL FEAR, SURRENDER AND WIN.

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