Snap Judgements, Never Make Them With Your Conscious Self

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Judgement. It is better to make a judgement from intuitive consciousness than from “normal” everyday consciousness that goes only upon surface information. With that said I can honestly tell you this in this article: With our normal, every day consciousness we need to look a little deeper at life intuitively. Especially when it comes to appearances in our “normal” reality. After all, the mental and spiritual chemistry of “normal” reality is such that most things are not as they seem in it. In short, intuition is the “unknown blessing” that ends up reveling the real and honest truth about reality before we even begin to take action on a judgement usually.

Why do I say usually, though? Because sometimes we try to circumvent intuition and even beat or win against intuition. When reality is reality deeply and rooted in unchanging modality, we cannot win against intuition, we must go with it or lose fully to the reality at hand.

Get it? Our consciousness tells us nothing but what we desire to hear so we must all look deeper. Snap judgements without depth are the bane of realistic existence really, especially when they are wrong. If they are right, it really is mostly dumb luck and “see I told you so” ignorant thinking without a realistic basis, right or wrong.

So, my final advice to you in this article is to segment the judgement. What I mean is consciously look at all sides of what you are judging, give intuition a genuine chance to work, and then look deeply at the total results. Then after all this, you make a genuine judgement based on the facts both deep, shallow, everything in-between and inside and outside of the box. Indeed, reality is always more than we see in so many ways, that we cannot help but use intuition and consciousness to understand fully what is going on really.

So, try to never make a snap judgement, always try to segment the judgement realistically, or it could deeply cost in so many ways when you do make the wrong snap judgement.

So, all I am asking you or anyone to do in this article is to think and judge realistically and deeply about reality, that is it. Personally, I take nothing at face value in reality or I try not to, I make not a single claim to perfection. All I do is do it the best I can do it in everything, deeply, realistically and honestly.

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