In The Face Of Abuse

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Mental health threatens to become an even bigger issue than diabetes. It is being marked by an increase in suicides, people feeling the pain of separation, failing health and suffering mental breakdowns while wanting to retreat into their private little cave where nothing can hurt them. It is serious. Unfortunately, there are those who find themselves entrapped within the walls of their own mind and constantly feeding their soul a sour diet of hate and misery. This creates a perfect environment for being abusive to others… and that is why they need to be reminded that their behaviour is unacceptable, and not the norm. Modern day abuse is real and causes a decline in mental health. Only now we are realizing that we have the right to protect ourselves from those who wish to hurt us. Here are some tips for neutralizing the devastating effects and its nasty fallouts. This article looks at what you can do to stop abuse from causing you pain and draining your life force.

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