Symptoms of Behavioral Stress

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Stress is a natural part of living. An excessive amount of stress is not good and we can only take so much. Although stress response can be good too in some other ways if it help us rise to meet challenges and will lead us into a healthy life. But when it is not helping that will be then start causing major damage to our health, our mood, our productivity, relationships to the people surrounding us and most affect the quality of our life.

The tolerance point is the point at which positive and healthy emotions switch to negative and unhealthy behavior. Passing these points tells us that we are moving into the danger zone. However, how many of us ignore simple warning of stress symptoms? Do we know what our warning of stress symptoms is? We probably do not know some of the symptoms. We may have did not notice that we are already receiving some warning signs that we may not think are not related to stress at all. An often time stress is brings danger to an individual's health and we can only take too much from it.

These signs or symptoms may sounds and thinks mild to think it will cause danger but if we keep on ignoring it, they will become more severe.

Accident-proneness. Are you prone to accident? If you answer yes, then you may have a stress-privilege personality. We are all busy, we do our everyday chores, we go to school, we go to work, and we do a lot of moving as well as a lot of thinking. When just one situation like when we get to be in some place in a certain time and we are not in there in time due to some unavoidable situations. That's when we get angry and feels frustrated. That's when we are accident pron.

Uninterested. Another factor affecting how people react as their sense of having or not having control. For example, some people faced with a deadline experience when they do not have much control over the content of their job such as an assembly line job. They lend to get them unresolved, if not poor work that might to resolve to unresponsive or unconcerned level with the job.

Unconscious verbal outburst. Excessive stresses were more likely to display behaviors include anger or verbal outburst, which affected our interaction with the people surrounding us most especially our family and loved ones.

Appetite changes. Either way we tend to overeating when we feel doomed to failure or caused us to lose our appetite when we were stress out or worried. Yes, stress can plainly affect our appetite.

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