Creating a Well Balanced Life!

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So I have had difficulty with this slowly. From going out with my friends and trying to get work and school done I have been trying to develop a way to balance everything out. Have you ever wanted to create a habit that is good for you and beneficial with your needs? I sure want that so I am going to try these small steps for all of my life goals:

These are the goals I am going to start tonight:

Diet / saving money- So many people have issues with this but packing a lunch. Shopping for your own groceries can save you a lot of money. So what I will be doing is packing my lunch and forgetting my credit / Debit card at home. This will make me not want to go across the street to the local gas station and pick up a Twinkie (even if they are so good). Plus if you pack it with the right stuff you will be healthier as well!

Staying organized- I have an issue with this because I am so sprawled out. I have a difficulty when it comes to cleaning and staying cleaned. So to combat that I will have 30 minutes dedicated to organizing and laundry every day so I should be good for the week.

Fitness- Running to the gym sounds like no fun but has so many benefits:

  • Of course of the obvious Cardio!
  • If you run to the gym you are more prone to be proactive at the gym because you are already there.
  • It is a great warm up then you stretch.

Making better decisions – I have not made the best decisions recently. I have been going out on the spur of the moment and not thinking about getting home after making it to the bar or club. I am going to make one day a week the party day and plan it two to three days in advance. This will combat the plan coming back and also it will make me more prone to talk to women so later I do not have to worry about being lazy when it comes to actually participating in a meaningfulful conversation.

I am hiring that these works, I guess sometimes you have to take away the things you love to the goals you want. Next time I will continue these goals and hopefully I will be better for it!

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