What Causes Alcoholism – How Did This Happen to Me?

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When you are afflicted with alcohol addiction and find yourself unable to stop drinking, you have to wonder what caused the alcoholism to begin with and how did I ever get into this situation / mess I can't get out of? How did I become an alcoholic?

That's the million dollar question.

It can't be stressed enough that you must ignore this contention that alcoholism is simply a weakness. It's a disease that many strong, capable, brilliant people have been willing to die over – it doesn't get more clear than that. These people in your life or the self proclaimed experts for the most part do not have a good understanding of what the word addiction means (even those who smoke won't understand alcohol addiction). You have to experience it first hand, at which time you become the expert, not those who have their unlimited theories about the alleged causes and moral fiber of an alcoholic.

As time goes on, research is indicating that there is a strong genetic factor involved. In fact, there are such a large number of families wherein there is more than one alcoholic in the immediate or extended family, this obviously creates a link and is a strong argument for the genetic factor. And even if that is not the case in your family, don't let that discourage you, there are always exceptions and there are many other important factors that contribute as well.

Studies have indicated the younger you start drinking alcohol, the more likely it is you will become an alcoholic. This is logical, particularly if you were brought up in an environment that promoted drinking – here we have the environmental factor. You start drinking at a young age and either your family or friends or both promote that lifestyle. This leans towards more toward developing an actual “habit” and at some point crossing the line into addiction.

There are certain personality traits that seem to be common among alcoholics. A low frustration threshold, perfectionism, and the issue of feelings of inferiority, which is probably a significant aspect, but be aware in most cases are more imagined than warranted. These components can all become contributors.

It is important to point out that these theories floating around about the alcoholic personality being overly dependent on their parents or problems with communicating with others overall should be considered for what they are – a stretch at best. Yes, alcohol will make you more sociable, but to imply that a person with a drinking problem was socially inept is not worthy of your attention or consideration.

As a final word on the subject, alcoholics tend to be very sensitive, more so than your average person. And in essence, when you sober up you basically become the person you were before alcohol got a grip on your life. The vast majority of us that develop alcoholism were before the fact good, promising, intelligent, and thoughtful people – and you can become that great person you were once again.

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