The Good Side of Addiction

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Whenever the word addiction is said, negative things comes to mind like drugs, alcohol, sex, etc, but addiction in itself is not bad, but what one is addicted to is. Addiction is simply being devoted to a particular interest, activity or dependency on a particular substance and so it can be good or bad.

Majority of people at one point in time have suffered from one addiction or another (at least I have), ranging from minor things like chocolate, phone, computer, television to major things like drugs, nicotine, etc. For the more serious forms of negative addiction, the problem is always, how to break free. So many researchers have been done for solutions on breaking free, but I will like to share what has helped me. It's simply USING ADDICTION TO CURE ADDICTION.

When one has any form of addiction, the majority of the person's mind is completely taken over by what the person is addicted to. This makes it difficult when addiction issues are tried to be solved ONLY by withdrawal from the substance or activity. This is because there is an emptiness that is left in the person's mind and that is what craves for a fill, so the person ends up slipping back to the addiction. Therefore, in the place of withdrawal should be introduction to another form of addiction. As mentioned earlier, addiction can be good or bad, so getting addicted to the right activity solves the problem and does not leave that emptiness in the person's mind, so there won't be an issue of slipping back.

For every negative addiction, there's a positive addiction to solve it. Simply find the one good thing you do and time seems to fly and get addicted to it. Each time the negative one pops up, DO that one good thing and in a period of 21 days, you will be comfortably addicted to it and at this point, it has replaced the wrong one.

(I tried it, so why won't I share it?)

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