Money Should Never Be the Driving Factor In Your Life

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We all want money, because without it we can't get what we want. Money is the driving force of the world; Without money we can't live a life. Money is something that should not drive you, but before I go deeper in the subject let's define money.

How Do you Define Money

If you really think about it, money is nothing but a representation. Take a US dollar, it's nothing my cash. Money is paper medium that carries a value of work. When I say work I mean someone worked to earn that money. So when you carry a dollar you're actually carrying a certain value of work. Why do we hold a job, because we want to earn money right? In order to earn that money we have to perform a certain task, a certain work. When someone steals money they are stealing the value of work that was performed.

Why is money a bad factor in driving your life? Let's look at the corporate world, some of these CEOs think about their businesses 24/7 to a point it drives them crazy. They ignore family and social life in order to gain a continuous amount of money. This type of conduct is acceptable in the corporate world in the executive level but overall it's very unhealthy. Your business should not run your life; you should run your business. I used to work in the corporate world and these managers would drive me insane to increase my production even when I have exceeded them.

Money also leads to greed to a dangerous level. Money can severely hurt someone in terms of being ethical. Greed is like a disease that invades the conscious mind of a person and leads that person to do unethical things. Let's take for example dictators and corrupt leaders of the world. Only a small group of leaders actually care about their people but the rest only seek power to earn money. These greedy leaders kill, plunder, and steal from their people just to gain financial capital.

When we come down to the individual, money can take over a person's life and to that person nothing else matters. I'm sure you heard stories of when people become “rich” and famous they forget the ones who knew and cared about them when they did not have money and fame. Now I'm not saying money is a bad thing; money is a great thing but don't let accumulating wealth run your life.

When I used to run online businesses years back, I used to constantly think about finding the best method to accumulate wealth. I used to write blog posts regarding how to make money and I would think night and day about it. Over time I learned that it was making me unsocial and drove me to a point where I didn't enjoy life.

Money will come no matter what, use the law of attraction to attract money and trust me it'll flow like water to your hands. When you hold a job or run an online business, don't drive yourself to insanity to gain wealth; go with the flow and note that with patience money will come.

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