Loving Yourself Is Key to Overcoming FOOD Addictions

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As we all know by now food has always been my struggle. Despite how enlightened I am, how absolutely wondrous and joyous my life is-food has always kept me grounded and cemented to this earth. Formerly I used my “food addiction” as a way to connect with people- I now use my strengths in over coming this 'food addiction' as my way to connect with people and I feel on top of the world !!!

I just got back form my gym- Element Crossfit and I was told by at least 5 different people how incredible I am looking. They were inquisitive about my eating styles, and I feel absolutely delighted to share with all of you.

Firstly, this meal plan I have worked towards. It was an uphill battle trying to figure out what was perfect for ME. In being so conscious and aware of my thoughts I was eventually able to decipher between my own thoughts and concepts of nutrition versus others. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to food- but there is always someone who knows more. Although they may know what the right combination of food to eat is, the timing, the amounts etc-it all varies depending on the person !! I have critiqued, changed, asked the questions and went on yo you diets all over the place until I figured out what worked for ME!

With my clients I am now able to look at their meal plan as well as exercise program to construct a meal plan that is specific to their needs. Its a work in progress- as life always is-but at least there is a guideline to follow until we figure out what works best for you. AND most important of all is to STOP FORCING YOURSELF TO LOSE WEIGHT! The more you try, it wont happen. You need to put your intention out into the universe of the ideal body for you, and simply enjoy the process of eating healthy and being active. It is a life style change that focuses on your health and well being- NOT on losing weight. We have it all backward with trying to lose the weight … if you are trying to lose something it means you don't love yourself as you are and you need to improve. Whereas in fact- we are already PERFECT !!!! Despite what our body might look like in the mirror to us- we are perfect !! We need to love every inch of ourselves internally and externally-the moment we love our bodies exactly as it is-then we are in the FLOW- and we allow the universe to work with us and allow us to attain the healthy fit body we have already wanted. This is how I have been EXTRA successful in the last week. I surrendered- I let go of trying to lose weight, I loved my body and I let it all happen how it was suppose to. And its working !!!! My perfect body is here, I can now relay what I have learned and gone through to others who struggle with the same issues.

So here are some tips on eating for health:

1) Plan your meals ahead of time! Make the eating conscious. I make at least 4 meals at one time and have them set up in Tupperware containers so that i can take them with me where ever I go

2) Include protein in every meal

3) Reference the “zone diet” for appropriate portion sizes for your body

4) Eat every 3-4 hours !!!! It is important to fuel our body. Our metatbolism is like a fire. When you don't fuel the fire with logs, it goes out. Same with our metabolism, if you don't fuel our body with food our metabolism goes out and it holds onto all excess fat and food because it believes it is starving. So eat small healthy meals often!

5) Drink lots of water

6) Vegetables and Fruits are KEY for health. Eat vegetables all day if you are hungry (tip: you will NEVER be hungry if you eat every 3-4 hours and the appropriate portions and types of food)

7) Fats are good for you !! Healthy fats though such as olive oil, avocado's, almonds, walnuts etc

8) Take pride in making your food, eating it, and preparing for future meals. Enjoy it as a process of becoming healthy

9) Stop the negative internal dialogue. If you have a 'bad meal' it is OKAY! Love your self through it-be conscious of the negative hurtful words to yourself and immediately switch for the loving kind words. You would never be cruel or hate your loved one for having a bad meal- so don't hate on yourself. It is a process- take it day by day0 you WILL achieve your goals

10) Focus on today and today only !! All you can ever focus on is the NOW moment- what do I need to eat now? Dont go about saying “I will stick to this diet for 6 weeks then I will go back to normal” NO-eat normal / healthy NOW. Find your life style change and what works for you and then stick with that for the rest of your life! Plan for the meals ahead yes, but don't forecast this idea of ​​being on a diet for a certain amount of time-go day by day.

11) Tell yourself “I am done eating at 8pm” and STOP- no food late at night. And keep all carbs to the afternoon. None past lunch

12) Take a multi-vitamin and Omega 3's

13) Keep a food journal. It helps to be conscious of what you are eating and hold you accountable

14) Have a friend to talk to about the process-relay to them how you are doing / feeling and get them to give you the confidence you need to stay on track.

Here is a typical day for me with eating. I do high intensity workouts and eat about 1500-2000 calories a day. If you are more sedentary I would cut down the calories by 500cal- or pick up the workouts. (Check out http://www.fitday.com if you are unsure what you caloric intake is for day, or your portions of food. You can use this as a guideline until you become comfortable with eye balling your food.)

I generally do NOT count calories-I focus on whether the food will fuel my body with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs through lean proteins, vegetables and fruits, healthy carbs, and healthy fats. If you have well balanced meals you are eating the appropriate food your body needs-calories is unnecessary if you are focused on health and getting fit NOT losing weight. The losing of the weight will happen naturally when you stop focusing on it as a problem!


Workout in the morning: Crossfit or Yoga or 5km Run
1) Protein powder & banana (or frozen berries)

2) 1 / 4c Quinoa, Broccoli / carrots / vegetable of choice, Chicken breast (size of palm)

3) 1/2 Avocado, 1 can Tuna, 1 red pepper, lemon (mix all together. Use pepper to dip)

4) Blueberries, strawberries almonds (yummy snack for a 4pm crash)

5) 3 Egg omelet with spinach, zucchini, onions, red peppers with olive oil

6) Cottage cheese

If you find that you are still hungry and would like to eat something else-steamed veggies are always a plus or you can get really good protein bars such as CLIFF natural organic bars that will fill you up and they taste yummy. If you need to substitute food because you do not like something above then substitute protein for protein, veg for veg etc etc. So if you do not like cottage cheese for instance then sub it for a chicken breast left over from lunch.

Instead of focusing on what you cannot have, focus on what you can. Instead of focusing on what you will be missing out on, focus on all the new enjoyments you will have when you are filled with health, life and vitality. It takes dedication and hard work to live a healthy life, but once you embark on the path and are determined to reach your goals, you will! Continue to focus on all the positive reasons for self growth- and you will achieve the results you desire.

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